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I’m sorry

I’m sorry
That I only could offer
Up my love to you

I see now that it never
Stood a chance against
All of their money

I’m sorry
That I promised you
My constant devotion

How silly
Of me not to realize
You wanted to have fun

I’m sorry
That I made you dinner
Each night

How inconsiderate
Of me to forget
Your plans with her

I’m sorry
That I bared
Three of your children

I should have known
You would prefer  
Me to stay fit

I hope your happy now
That your decision
Will never cause you torment

I hope your happy now
And will be so
When the money is spent
And the years take their toll
On her as well
I'm Sorry
challenge to write a poem in 5 mins or less 
Kane opened up bleary eyes at the sound of the barn doors being opened, and cool spring morning air drifted all the way to her stall. She blinked a couple times in confusion to her surroundings before everything quickly came back to her in a rush. She escaped from the whitecoats and had wandered around for a while before finding a stable to rest for the night. Now the moment came for her to decide.
Kane flicked her ears back in thought, should she stay here or move on? True, the likely hood of her being found here by the Erasers was slim to none and the life would be easy but she couldn’t help but feel anxious to press on and not stay in one place for too long. Kane’s thoughts were cut short at the sound of grain hitting plastic feed bins. Eyes widened in excitement, food! She joined in the bellowing of the other horses calling for the humans to hurry and feed them.

“So what do we do with her?”
Kane looked up from her food and listened to the conversation while gleefully crunching on the grain in her mouth.
“No one claimed her, so I guess we work her like the rest,” the father said.
Kane reached down and took another mouthful of grain. Work? I wonder what type of work I could possibly do.

“Come on girl, just work with me a bit okay?”
Kane pinned her ears back at Austin as he tried to tighten the girth again around her belly. She tried to turn and bite him, but a rope tied to a wall kept her head from reaching that far back. Kane brought her head back with an angry snort. Sure of course she would behave what reason would she have not to, other than the thick leather strap being pulled tighter and tighter around her stomach. WHY DON”T YOU TRY HAVING YOUR INSIDES SQUISHED OUT OF YOU!!!
“There,” he finally said and she wanted to give a sigh of relief, but before she could Austin brought out another horrible contraption. Kane began to back up but was quickly stopped by the rope once more as Austin brought it toward her face. “Woah girl, woah,” he said soothingly.
Kane ignored the words and lifted her head higher out of his reach. No way was he getting that on her! He would have to kill her first, shoot her and rip her head down to place it on her. Never in a million years would she allow such a thing-

“Alright girl, let’s work on some basic cues,” Austin wiggled into a more comfortable seat. Kane stood in the center of an outdoor arena. Head and ears lowered, this was humiliating. She moved the bit in her mouth but it still felt awkward and uncomfortable.
“Now forward!”
Kane’s eyes widened as heels dug in her side. That was it! Her head snaked around and grabbed the young man’s ankle with strong blunt teeth. With a quick snap of her neck Austin laid in front of her on his back looking up at the angry mare.
“Looks like she showed you who’s top horse,” an older voice chuckled.
Kane looked up to see the father standing at the fence, his arms folded and propped against the top railing on the white fence. “Boy, haven’t you learned anything about girls? You have to treat them gently and with respect.”
Kane watched as Austin lifted himself off the ground. She pinned her ears back as he reached for the loose reins and felt a sudden rush of power as she saw him flinch backwards. It was nice for the first time to be the one feared rather than living in fear, from the Erasers.

Austin appeared to brace himself and reach for her reins again, this time giving a couple of comforting words as he did so. Kane flicked her ears up in interest. Stubborn one wasn’t he? She allowed him to take hold of her reins and lead her back into the center of the arena. She watched his back as he led her through the sandy arena. It was strong, but not overly muscular, covered in a worn red and black plaid shirt. She liked him. Didn’t know why, but something about him she liked, call it animal instincts.
“Now remember boy, take it nice and easy.”  
Austin stopped her in the center of the arena and gave a quick yet thorough check to make sure all the tack was in correct position and all of it was at the right tightness. Swinging up he settled himself in his seat once more.
“Try again now.”
“Okay girl,” Austin said softly leaning forward and patting her neck. “I’m gonna give a light kick and you move forward, alright?”
Her ears flicked forward, was that what he wanted? She gave a snort of understanding and waited for the cue, moving towards the rail as she felt the soft nudge.

Austin worked with her for several months, and in that time Kane became healthy and strong, her body filled out and the daily routine of exercise devolved her muscles. Her coat glowed red from the constant care of good grooming and the bound between her and Austin grew. She trusted him above anyone, and he began to favor her above all the other horses in the stables, giving her extra treats and special attention.
He came then with her halter and lead rope. She nickered to him happily. He chuckled as he opened up the door and patted her neck, “hey girl, what do you say to a run?” She whinnied and threw her head up and down with excitement. “Ok, ok girl. Settle down so that I can put this on.” She did as she was told.
Her hooves clopped on the cement as he led her out of the stables and into the beautiful outdoors. “Austin, where are you going?” The two of them stopped and watched as his father approached with raised eyebrows.
“Just going on a ride, want to see just how fast this little filly can go.”
“And your chores?”
The boy sighed. “I’ll do them when I get back, it will rain soon and I won’t be able to go out. I would love to see if she is fast enough to enter her in some competitions.”
“Fine, fine,” he said waving the boy away and turning to go back to his work. “but be quick.”
“Oh,” Austin said with a large grin, “I sure hope to be.”

The wonderful exhilaration, her hooves pounded on the soft ground below her. Faster, faster she took them. The air whistled around them as they pushed towards greater speeds. Austin gave a cheerful laugh. “My god are you a fast one.” He leaned back in his seat and she slowed. He wound them through several different turns, they reached an apple orchard where the young boy climbed one of the trees to retrieve a delicious apple for her. He took a bite and offered the rest to her before swinging back onto her and nudging her forward with a light lope.

Kane reached down and cropped the grass with her blunt teeth as her rider decided which path to take, he had made sure to use a bitless bridle which now allowed her free access of her mouth. “Hmm, right would probably be our best bet. Looks like a storm will be hitting us soon and I don’t want us to get stuck in it.” She felt him shift on her back. “Though it would be nice to stop at the market and buy some things for supper tonight.
She lifted her head still chomping on the sweet grass. She smelled the air and felt an unsettling presence, she suddenly wished to get moving. She side stepped a couple paces and threw her head up and down.
Austin quickly checked her with the reins and patted her neck, “its ok girl.” He gave a sigh, “If your acting up I guess the storm must be coming in strong, let’s go home.”

She gave a relieved soft nicker and cantered off to the right, towards home. They were making fair progress. Kane was quick and sure footed on the uncertain terrain, and her rider was soft on the bit while she found the right path, and pulled her head up whenever she took a wrong step. The grass grew tall, reaching her stomach and even her shoulders. She gave a nervous snort, but knew better then to run full pelt when she couldn’t see the ground. Something though, something was lurking in the grass.
“It’s ok girl,” Austin said giving a soft pat to her neck, “we’ll be home soon.”
She shook her neck and continued. She hoped that he was right, that everything would be ok. What was that? Her ears flicked back at the sound, a rustle? She tried to pick up the pace but felt a pressure on her nose holding her back. He didn’t understand, something was following them and moving fast. The pressure didn’t lighten up but steadily increased bringing her to a trot then a walk finally he had her halt.
Kane pawed the ground nervously, they had to keep moving.
“Hello.” It was Austin, apparently having stopped her to pick up a call on his cell phone. “Yes….soon we are on our way back…great faster than I thought she would be and incredible light on her feet…yeah see you soon.” There was click as he closed his phone and she felt him shift slightly in the saddle to put away the phone. “Sorry girl, dad just wanted to know if we were close, apparently the storm is worse than originally thought. Let’s run back.” Kane threw her head up and down needing to get moving. He lifted the pressure off her nose and she gathered her hind muscles preparing to sprint forward, and that’s when it all happened.
Snapping jaws came out of the tall grass, Kane nickered in fear and reared up, dancing on her hind legs away from the attack. Another attack came from behind and she allowed her front end to fall back to the ground and hold her weight as she kicked back hearing a satisfying yelp. She heard rustling that gradually grew fainter. Good, one down. She turned to see the other one who had attacked her first turning and running away. What was that all about, only two Erasers attacked? And one fled without even fighting? She ignored the curious circumstances and finally started to take note of what was going on around her.
The storm had finally caught them, lightening streaked the sky and rain pelted down on her soaking her coat…and Austin lay on the ground not moving. She transformed back to her human form and stumbled towards him awkwardly on two feet.
“A-Austin?” She kneeled down next to him and reached her shaking off colored hand towards his still body. She lightly pressed her fingers to his chest. She gave a soft sigh of relief. Thank god, he was still alive. “Help,” she cried out hoping maybe someone would hear her and come rescue Austin. But the only reply she got was the boom of thunder.
Kane’s eyes fluttered open as a breeze ruffled the leaves of the tree she was sitting under. The sun that had been blocked for so long by the thick foliage, suddenly poured down on her and then disappeared from view once more as the branches fell back into place and the leaves covered the sun above her once more. She yawned and stretched her arms feeling only a slight ting of pain on the back of her neck. Standing she looked around her wondering where she could possibly be.

Nothing looked familiar, though she didn’t know what she should be looking for to begin with. She had never been able to get outside the school. And now that she found herself beyond its walls she found herself in a new dilemma. She was hungry. Unlike the very common bird hybrid who needed to eat small amounts often, she needed to eat in large quantities twice a day. That meant if she skipped a meal it was a pretty big deal.
Kane began to walk, she didn’t know where she was heading but she knew she had to start moving. The thought alone pushed her forward, she felt sore and tired. She was scared and didn’t know what to do but keep walking, with the hope that she found something.
There was very little cover that she could find to hide from any Erasers that might have been sent after her. Other than the trees that were too wide spread to offer any real cover, there was only tall grass all around her. So tall that it reached to her knees, Kane dropped her hands and gave a soft smile as she felt the tall grass slip through her fingers as she walked past the thin blades. She felt her heart rise in her chest with such excitement. She had never felt so alive before, she faced nothing but open plains, the warm sun hit her face, and the air smelled so clean. Run, that’s all she wanted to do. She wanted to run as fast as she could for as long as her legs would take her. She wanted the joy of the act without having to be pressured into it for fear of being caught.
In the middle of contemplating changing her form she heard something in the air. She turned to her left where the noise was coming from, blinking a couple times in confusion Kane began walking through the tall grass towards the noise. Reaching the top of a tall hill she stopped in surprise. There lie the most beautiful place she had ever seen in her whole life, which truly didn’t mean much but that was beside the point. Acres of green field was fenced in with glossy white fencing, it surrounded a light blue building; one larger then she even imagined the school building was. Walking down the hill she began to take notice of horses inside all of the separated fenced off areas. The horses began to notice a stranger coming closer and they all lifted their heads away from the grass to watch her curiously. A couple of them nickered to her, she shook the urge to walk up to them and converse with any. If there were any humans around she didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention to herself.
She entered the building and saw large spacious stalls with fresh water and hay in each one, and a full pale of grain to eat when each horse came back in from turnout. She walked by each stall and ran her dirt covered fingers around the edges of the beautifully etched named plate. Passing a bathroom she quickly slipped into the small room and stopped in shock from what she saw in her reflection.
She couldn’t remember the last time that she had seen herself in a mirror before, not since she had been three years old. No, she looked very different now. She had grown, even though it was obvious that she had, Kane didn’t realize how much. “I’m ten, right?” She stepped closer to the mirror now fascinated with what she saw. Her blonde hair had been replaced by long, fiery red hair. It fell down her shoulders and to her chest in a sea of wavy curls, which were unkempt and full of leaves, twigs, and grass. Bangs, too long, almost covered her eyes. Prominent cheek bones, which higher on her face then she remembered them being, higher and more noticeable then she had seen on any human. Her once blue eyes had been replaced by large brown ones. She blinked in confusion and traced her hand around her cheeks. “Freckles?” she said her voice coming out softly. She remembered now something about redheads having freckles but the thought she had them now was strange.
Kane’s eyes flicked over to the hand that was still on her face and narrowed them. True, she had seen the effects of the horse genes on her hands a million times before now, but it felt worse this time than any of the others. The skin around her forearm was lighter, she knew this was the same for her other arm and even for both her legs. She was thankful though her facial markings didn’t transfer over to her human form. She didn’t know how she would be able to live walking around with a white stripe down her face for the rest of her life.
Speaking of stripe…she turned around to face her back to the mirror and lifted her shirt and craned her head back to look at the dark stripe running down her back. It started at the hair line on the back of her head and ran down her spine all the way to her tail bone. Kane let the thin fabric fall down to cover the marking. She felt sick, what had they done to her, and why? Her thoughts were interrupted by another embarrassing grumble from her stomach. First things first, she needed to find food and shelter for the night.
Kane turned to leave the bathroom when a thought accrued to her. She was in a stable, in the middle of nowhere, where the Erasers couldn’t find her, and she could turn into a horse and be well taken care of. A smile crept onto her face, for the first time she was thankful for her new DNA.

“Hey Pops,” the young stable hand called out to his father who was finishing some last minute chores around the stable before he and his son went home for supper.
The older man walked over to the barn door and stopped when he saw his son holding a lead rope attached to a young mare that he had never seen before. “Where’d she come from?”
The young man holding the lead rope shrugged, “don’t know. Mustang?”
The father gave a scoff. “Mustang my ass boy,” he walked up to look at the young mare. Red dun, and a quarter horse if he had to take a guess. A little rough around the edges as far as looks but he could see with some work she might turn out to be a decent horse. “Austin,” he addressed to the young man. “If this is a Mustang how do you figure she allowed you to approach her.” At times he thought the young man was well on his way to taking over the family ranch, and then times like these reminded the father how far his son still had to go.
Austin shrugged, “so then where could she have come from?”
The father walked slowly around the mare scratching his greying beard, “must have gotten loose from another farm, I’ll put out the word we found a horse.” He didn’t know then but no one would claim the mystery mare. “For now put her in one of the empty stalls and make sure she is taken care of, she’s your responsibility till someone claims her.” With that the father turned and left his son to take care of the horse.
Austin turned to look at his new assignment meeting large brown eyes that turned to look back at him. She was defiantly a sad beast to look at, skinny with a dull and dirty coat.  “Well, let’s get you settled in I guess.” He lead the eager mare to her stall and got busy filling the buckets with water, giving the hungry horse an extra scoop of grain and making sure that there was plenty of shavings on the ground. With a nod of satisfaction he turned to look at the sorry creature. She was caked in mud and covered in debris.
He gave her a small smile and left, coming back a few moments later with a box full of grooming supplies. “Let’s see what you look under all this dirt.”        
It took a few hours but the mare stood shinning in her clean stall. Her coat was clean, tail and mane brushed to perfection and her hoofs her spotless.  “Well aren’t you a pretty girl,” Austin chuckled patting her neck. He looked her up and down and gave a small frown, “though you’re awfully skinny.” Taking a few steps back he gave her an encouraging nod, “we’ll take care of that though, right girl?” He got a snort in reply and turned to leave with that. “See you tomorrow girl, sleep well.”

Kane watched as the boy left and turned to look at her stall. It was nice, clean, and airy. It also came with free food and a butler. Yes she could get used to this new life. She shook her mane and marveled at the wonderful grooming job this, Austin, kid did. She could easily spend the rest of her life here.

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